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I was in an accident where in my car was struck from behind by another vehicle. I took my vehicle to a Nationwide blue ribbon repair shop in my area. A month later they called to let me know my vehicle was repaired. I took my car to Pack Brothers in Belmont for a vehicle repair inspection. Long story short, Pack brothers discovered that my car had not been repaired at all...just covered up. They determined that my "repaired" car was not safe to drive. With help from Pack Brothers and Collision Safety Consultants, Nationwide insurance and their blue ribbon repair shop was forced to correct the problem. Had it not been for these fine folks, I'd probably still be fighting to get my vehicle fixed. I live a couple hundred miles away from Pack Brothers, but this is where I'll take my next damaged vehicle. Don't be strong armed by an insurance company who isn't interested in your satisfaction. According to NC state law, where you get your car repaired in YOUR choice. My choice from this day forward is Pack Brothers.

Jim G.

We would like to thank Billy Walkowiak, Ronnie Pack and the whole crew at Pack Brothers Collision Center for their help and support during this very long journey of trying to get resolution for damages done to our 2008 Honda Odyssey van.

We were involved in an accident which was not our fault.  A lady ran a stop sign and hit the rear passenger side of our van on November 7, 2010.   We have bought several new trucks from Earl Tindol Ford over the years and because of this long association, we were confident that this was the best body shop to send our van.  

After four and a half months, our van was "ready" to be picked up.  To our surprise, the van sounded like a junked vehicle.  There was a loud roaring coming from the back of the van and we could hear air coming in.  After looking all around the van, we could see a lot of cosmetic damage.  Seeing these damages made us wonder what else might be wrong.  So we decided to take the van to Collision Safety Consultations to be inspected.  Because of the way the parts had been attempted to repaired and other things left undone, this vehicle was not only unsafe but should have been totaled from the beginning. 

Without Collision Safety Consultations, Pack Brothers and our attorney, Hoyt Tessener, we would never have gotten this matter settled.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us !

Gary and Phyllis Gilleland


My name is Carresa Huneycutt.  I am a chiropractic assistant at SouthEast Chiropractic.  On a regular basis we send our personal injury patients to Pack Brothers Collision Center and Collision Safety Consultants for their vehicle repairs.  On July 11, 2013 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and immediately I started feeling the pressure of what needed to be done to take care of the situation.  I had my car towed from the scene because it was un-drivable, and the next morning I contacted Billy Walkowiak at Collision Safety Consultants and he asked where my car had been towed and he handled the rest.  He then had my car towed to Pack Brothers Collision Center.  Within the next week the liability insurance came out and appraised my vehicle and low balled me on the amount of money they were willing to give me for my car.  Mad and upset I called Billy and ranted to him about what they were doing and he advised me that I could file in through my insurance company and then my insurance company would subrogate with the liability insurance.  Instantly I had millions of questions and concerns and so Billy walked me through how the process worked and that everything would be ok, so I filed my auto repairs with my insurance which turned out to be a nightmare.  My insurance company appraised the vehicle deeming it to be repairable so Pack Brothers started working on my vehicle and informed me that there were more damages to the vehicle than the amount that my insurance company had appraised.  They contacted the insurance company and had them come out and reappraise my car.  After a long drawn out process with the insurance company Billy got me $1800.00 over market value on my car. Both Collision Safety Consultants and Pack Brothers Collision Center went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and satisfied with the end result.  I had confidence in these guys to begin with which is why we send our patients to them but working with them on my own case made me feel even better about referring others to them.  They did a great job and I highly recommend them for any auto repairs.

Thank you guys again for all you did !!!

Carresa Huneycutt


Collision Safety Consultants & Pack Brothers Collision Center,

Thank you so much for your help with my 2001 Sedan. My son was involved in an accident where he was rear ended. I was dumbfounded on what to do next. It had been years since I’d been in an accident and I had no idea where to begin. I thought I could resolve this myself, but then the other driver’s insurance agent tried to assure me that the car was not totaled when I could clearly see how much damage there was. The other driver did not yield, and slammed into our sedan with their full size SUV, causing extensive damage. But they were telling me it wasn’t a complete loss. The last thing I wanted was a botched up repair job, and an unsafe vehicle.  I knew I needed help.

I searched collision negotiator on the web and your listing popped up. I was concerned at first that maybe I was overreacting and that I should try and handle this myself. I looked you up to ensure there were no BBB complaints, and found that you were an active part of Angie’s List.  I’d never heard of a company that does this, and let alone in such a small town so quite honestly I was still leery that this might be a hoax until I spoke with you. You were very kind, and sincere. I’m so glad that I reached out to you and trusted your team.

The process was FLAWLESS and completely stress free. You kept in constant contact with me, and told me what to expect at each phase of the process. I am more than satisfied at the results.  In two weeks you helped me get a fair price for my vehicle and charged me NOTHING…absolutely nothing.

A testimonial was the least I could do. I've certainly spread the word to my friends and co-workers. I hope that no one has to have an accident but in the event they do, you all are on my speed dial. Thanks so much!

AC Brown 

Hickory, NC


Mr. Ronnie Pack,

I thank both you and your brother for all of your help and kindness. No wonder your business thrives; with the ethics and care you have for your customers, as I am sure it will continue. Thanks so much for all your patience.


Gastonia, NC


I drove from Marble, NC to use Pack Brothers Collision. I was referred to them by a friend. I had Geico insurance and the top of my Nissan X-tera was creased down the top due to an accident. Geico wanted the top of the vehicle reinforced with Styrofoam and bonded. Needless to say I have children and new Styrofoam would not protect them.

I spoke with Larry on the phone several times, after Geico told me that was all they were paying and I had to take it to one of their dealers. Larry Pack told me my rights and Geico could not push me around. I drove my Nissan to Pack Brothers, when he came out and looked at the vehicle he told me it was definitely a total loss. They sent Geico's adjuster back in and had the vehicle re-inspected and guess what? Geico decided that it was a total loss and they couldn't get it fixed with Styrofoam that it was illegal.





I would like the opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance in resolving my claim with Nationwide Insurance. Because this was my first experience handling an auto accident claim, there were many caveats and nuances that I was unaware of in the settling of my claim.

The structural damage that was left on my car after the initial repairs was alarming. If it were not for your careful inspection, I would never have known that I was driving a still damaged vehicle. I am very pleased with the settlement that I received. I am now in the same position I was before the accident, which is all anyone could ever ask for.

I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is unfortunate to experience what I had to go through. It is important to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you on your side when you are navigating through an auto accident claim. Again, thank-you. 

Jessica H.                                                Greensboro, NC



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