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Local Labor Rate Survey for the Gaston, Cleveland and Lincoln Counties in NC

The information below was collected from 25 local shops in the area. Data was gathered from either from the shop owners or shop managers and each survey includes a signature and or business card.

If you need additional information, or would like to see the actual surveys,please go to or click on the tab labeled {2016 Rate Survey Results} . You can also visit Collsion Safety's site at  http://www.collisionsafetyc to view this information or click on our {CONTACT US PAGE} and send an email to us. If you would like a complete copy of the survey with results from each one of the body shops that participated and those that didn't; please note on your form: Send me RESULTS 2016 and a complete copy will be forwarded to you with every shop’s survey.

  1. What Estimating System Software does your body shop use?

            Majority of the shops answered with " CCC1 OR AUDATEX "

    2. What is Your Shop's Current NON- NEGOCIATED Hourly Rate?


                  BODY RATE $47                            REFINISH RATE $47         

             STRUCTURAL RATE $58                      FRAME RATE $62

               MECHANICAL RATE $62            REFINISH MATERIALS RATE $32


     3. How Do You Calculate Your Refinish Materials Rate?

     Majority of the shops answered with " PMC LOGIC,MITCHELL RMC or Hourly"


   Abra Auto Body & Glass 

    Adams Collision Center 

    Affordable Paint & Body 

    Bowen Collision Center 

    Cherry Auto Paint & Body Inc 

    Coleman Auto Body Repair 

    Crown Automotive Group 

    Earl Tindol Body Shop 

    Eric’s Paint & Body Shop 

    Fleet Paint & Body 

   Gerber Collision & Glass 

   Hart’s Automotive Service 

   Keith’s Kustoms & Kollision 

   Lakeside Paint & Body 

   Mike’s Body Shop 

   Pack Brothers Collision Center 

  R & L Collision Center 

  Rick's Body Shop 

  Russell's Paint & Body Shop 

  Scism & Son Paint & Body Shop 

  Speed Street Collision Center 

  Tim's Body Shop 

  Tru Finish Body Shop 

  Turner's Paint & Body Shop 

  Wilson Collision Center 



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